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I've known Gary Beyer for several years. I consider him a good friend. He is very articulate and shows much compassion towards others. I very much enjoyed interviewing him on my "News and Notes" podcast in 2015. Gary's story is truly one of courage and relentless persistence.  His books are a profound inspiration not just for those living with Inclusion Body Myositis, but for all of us who pursue life's love and meaning.
Jeff McAndrew, host of the "News and Notes" podcast and author of the book "Our Brown-Eyed Boy"


I've seen Zig Ziglar live and numerous other motivational speakers over the years, but you're better than any of them. You speak from your heart and I was more moved by what you said and how you said it than I was by any of the others.
Bill Guyon, delightful husband of Fox Valley Fibromyalgia Support Group leader, Ann Guyon

I can't wait to hear stories of people reaching out to you and thanking you for your writing. You have a gift Gary. And it's not just writing. You're really touching people's Iives and that is priceless. Congrats Gary. Hope to see you and Julie soon!
Ryan Marquissee  is a manager in a restaurant we frequent who's become a friend.

Gary and Julie's talk was a rich addition to our programming offerings at the Elm Grove Library. Gary's welcoming and energetic personality makes him a natural as a speaker, and Julie adds just the right touch of warmth and sincerity. We had a nice crowd for an afternoon program, and everyone in attendance took something worthwhile from the presentation. I would highly recommend Gary and Julie to any organization looking for something honest and inspirational. Their message is broad, but has lasting appeal. 
Noah Weckwerth, Adult Services Librarian, Elm Grove Public Library​

I had the real pleasure of attending Gary and Julie Beyer’s stellar presentation in the fall of 2015.  I was greatly inspired by Gary’s uplifting and very positive attitude towards life and the circumstances that he has been dealt.  His wife Julie’s part of the presentation is a true testament to how important the right caregiver is to a person whom is going through such a life threatening event.  Both Gary and Julie in their presentation creatively blended comedy with true life lessons for us all!
The most important thing I gleaned from their enlightening presentation is, that a person’s serious illness can have a double whammy effect, as a lot of times close friends start avoiding the person with the illness, as they do not know how to act around or what to say to the person or their caregiver. This in turn causes social isolation for the person and their caregiver, and I deeply feel this is the worst part of the illness. We cannot allow this social isolation to continue to happen!

Mark R. Weisensel, MSE, APSW - Supervisor of Winnebago County Aging and Outreach Services

Have you ever thought about where your life direction is going? None of us really know from one day to the next. I recently hosted the most interesting program about life direction, reaction, challenge and perseverance! Gary Beyer shared his story with the Germantown Seniors at the Germantown Senior Center. He has a rare debilitating degenerative disease. He has written his story in two inspiring books that will change the way you think and  react to life. This is an absolutely must hear program. You will be inspired and challenged to think about your own life and the lives of others! God has truly blessed Gary with the wonderful gifts of written words and of presence.
Mary Jean Fiegel, Germantown Senior Center Coordinator

I would definitely recommend having Gary and Julie come to share their story.  They are both so positive and up lifting, even with all that they are going through they left us all feeling very much like we can conquer the world.  They share such an inspirational and heartfelt story that resonates with anyone that has struggled in their own lives and puts a lot of perspective into the here and now. They are a great joy to listen to. 
Sara Paitel, Activity Director at Renaissance Assisted Living Appleton

Gary Beyer and his wife Julie came to The Waupaca Senior Center to present their story to our members in 2016.  What an inspiration he was! Gary conveys his story with realism, faith and humor.  One thing I definitely took away from this experience was how I reacted to my friends who have gone through something traumatic.  My tendency was to say I will pray for you, or that must be difficult, but over time I would stop calling or coming over because I ran out of things to say or I felt uncomfortable asking questions.  I think many of us let people drift from our lives because we fear what we don’t understand or it is easy for us to deal with the situation from afar, but that behavior leaves us without a person we really cared about and it leaves them struggling on their own.  Gary didn’t blame his friends, but said, still invite me, still laugh with me, and remain my friend.  Even if the situation has changed and an individual can’t do the things they used to do, they still want and need to be included.  Just treat them as if they still matter to you.  I loved that.  If you get the privilege of hearing their story, please take the time to do so.  You will enjoy their easy conversation and the truth in their words. 
Sara Reybrock, Waupaca Senior Center Coordinator

I am so happy for you that this wonderful inspirational book of yours is now touching so many lives and giving hope and encouragement to so many people, I truly found your story very inspirational myself and your positive outlook amazing. - 
Gin Radtke, Senior Family Service Counselor at Lakeview Mausoleum and Memorial (cemetery) Park