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Julie and Gary. Very special example you are to many.-Beth & Turk Flory - cousins who enjoyed our presentation at the Stevens Point library & previously read my books

Hey Gary, hope this finds you well. I just wanted to let you know I passed your book along to a co-worker of mine. His mother-in-law is dealing with a very serious medical situation and his wife is having a difficult time processing everything. He said the book has been helpful for the family. Just wanted to pass the impact of your work along. Have a blessed day!  RH
Robert Hornacek is an investigative reporter for FOX 11 News and we've been guests on his FOCUS (Sunday morning) tv show on their sister station CW14.
Both of you have inspired Dave and I at a time when we really needed it. I think we are ready to continue our journey because of your awesome presentation and personalities. God's love to you always......keep up the great job!  You do so much for others and we shall never forget either of you.
Mary Knoll - she and her husband attended one of our senior center presentations
Gary and Julie were the perfect pair to speak to our hospice volunteers. The message that they gave was inspirational and uplifting. Gary reminded us all that there comes a time when we are no longer able to do what we used to do. Do not dwell on this, but rather ask yourself "What am I still able to do now?" 
Leah Patrick, Affinity Visiting Nurses Hospice Program
I met Gary  and Julie Beyer at a (seniors focused) business expo in Oshkosh, WI in Fall of 2016. At the expo, I had an intuitive sense that I needed to meet them and learn their story-so I did. After learning their story I knew I wanted them to meet our Caregivers and speak to them at one of our employee in-services.  Gary and Julie's presentation hit home with me and all of our Caregivers. We laughed, we cried and we reflected. Their message reinforced what our Caregivers already know, but sometimes we forget - that their work contributes to a greater purpose - and that they are a part of something bigger than themselves.
Julie Davids, M.O.B., PHR - owner of Home Care Assistance Fox Cities, WI
We invited Gary Beyer to speak at our senior center regarding his books and about how his life has changed since being diagnosed with a rare inflammatory muscle disease called inclusion body myositis. He and his wife engaged the audience with their honesty and openness in telling their story. Gary shared a message of finding hope and happiness  in a life that was dramatically altered by his medical diagnosis. He taught us that within us all is the ability to find meaning and purpose in any situation and to find the best life for ourselves. When Gary and his wife Julie spoke you could truly feel their emotional story, understand it and learn from it.
Cathy Borck -  Library Director, Kilbourn Public Library, Wisconsin Dells/Lake Delton
Gary, I've often marveled at how well you've adapted to the challenges that you face on a daily basis living with IBM! Thank goodness you have come from a wonderful family that has shown you how to live with adverse conditions and diseases. It shows that as long as you have the will there's a way to get things done and still have a fulfilling life filled with hope and peace at the same time! I'm so glad that you are a member of my family and a very good friend of mine too! I pray and hope every day that there will be a cure for IBM in the near future. Love, Ellen
From Julie’s awesome cousin who has courageously dealt with Cerebral Palsy since birth

​​I arranged to have Gary & Julie speak at Fox Valley Technical College as part of our Speaker Series. The Speaker Series offers our students and college community the opportunity to hear first-hand incredible stories from unique perspectives. Gary & Julie definitely fit this purpose with their incredible story, and message of hope. Students of all ages found themselves sucked into their very engaging story. Gary & Julie both have a very overwhelmingly positive message that the students took away with them. 
Luke Leitner, Student Life Assistant at Fox Valley Technical College (Appleton Campus)

We truly enjoyed your presentation yesterday. Lots of positive comments from those I helped back to their rooms. I think it helps them to know that others are also struggling with issues of their own. They realize they are not alone in this “fight.” I wish you well on your continued journey of inspiring and uplifting, as well as finding more positives about your illness. Attitude is so important when dealing with anything!! Thank you for your words of encouragement!
Amy Johnson - Life Enrichment Coordinator at Eden Meadows in Oshkosh

Thank you too. You are a delight and upbeat person. I totally agree with everything you said. Since I have been blind all my life, I always hated pity. It isn’t pity we need it is understanding. Please tell me the name of your website. I know it is your book title. I hope you sell lots of them. God bless you and Julie.
Shirley (5/21/14)—(she is a member of a community organization that I spoke to)

Testimonials II

I can't even begin to imagine the number of people you have touched with your presentations. You've been a remarkable example of facing a challenging situation by using the challenge as a platform to positively affect others!! What a selfless act by both of you in the face of your own personal challenges!!! Congratulations!!
Gary Ludwig - close friend since college and highly respected (now retired) high school counselor