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The author had been writing the many insightful chapters found within When The Time Is Right with the thought that this book would (potentially) be published IF and WHEN he successfully overcame the currently untreatable and debilitating muscle disease he does his best to cope with each and every day. What’s extremely important to recognize is that his beloved wife (as is the case with other devoted caregivers) does her best to cope with it every day as well. In the meantime he and Julie believe there is a great deal of invaluable information here which is being kept from others WHO WOULD BENEFIT FROM IT TODAY.  Thus, When The Time Is Right has now surfaced. His divinely-inspired journey continues here as he’s become gratefully-compelled to share its numerous messages today with wonderful people like you.

Gary is a glass is half-full type of person. Is this an easy choice that he’s made throughout his life? Most assuredly not! It’s been significantly challenged at a number of different times over the course of his life thus far (and it continues to be).



He and his wife, best friend and caregiver, Julie are now scheduled for over 185 presentations (since March 6th of 2014) to guests, residents and staffs who’ve attended their uplifting presentations at numerous libraries, care facilities, senior centers, community-based organizations, support groups, church groups, and writers clubs. They’ve also been featured speakers at various conferences, expos and events.

“Don’t just exist, but strive to thrive!!” – Gary Beyer