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SUBJECT: Five Stars

RECEIVED VIA EMAIL: June 2nd, 2015

Hi Gary,

I have just finished your book and I am indeed impressed. It is meaningful and well written and quite informative. I can see where the book would be very encouraging and inspirational to other people in similar situations as yours and Julie’s. Your upbeat attitude and faith in God is evident and surely must bring renewed hope and faith to those reading both of your books and also to those attending your presentations.

Perhaps your main attempt was to encourage those afflicted with serious setbacks to always look for the best and to never give up. You do a good job at that, but I think that there is another type of audience that could also benefit from reading and understanding its contents. The audience I’m referring to are those people that are leading the good life and make no attempt to understand the difficulties associated with people suffering from disabilities. I have known you a fairly long time and yet you opened up my eyes to certain things I learned in your book. You wrote about the violence and evil in the world. Perhaps if books such as yours were mandatory reading, acts such as bullying would be less prevalent. Perhaps I am too optimistic, but who knows.

Anyway, I’m proud of you and Julie both. Keep the faith my friend and just maybe the light in the tunnel will become brighter.

Bob (Snyder) – former, long-time, co-worker who's become a very close friend over the years