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First of all, thank you for visiting our website.  Divine inspiration is truly an extremely powerful thing.  I’ve been given the distinct pleasure of experiencing it, but now I find myself appreciably living with it. I’ve been humbled by the depth and disparity of emotions which I’ve encountered in the process of writing the books You Must Answer This,I Promise I'll Pay Attention and When the Time Is Right. It has been more of a broader awakening for me than a catharsis...more of a spiritual journey than a mere reflection on my past and examination of my present. Importantly, we all need to recognize our role in life’s various equations in conjunction with opportunity and timing. There typically is reason for hope, but it’s enhanced when we’re engaged in our respective lives. Gary Beyer


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Gary speaking to WCREA (Winnebago County Retired Teachers' Assn) at kickoff meeting in September of 2016

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