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RECEIVED VIA EMAIL: November 9TH, 2013 (subsequent to completion of "You Must Answer This")

Gary Beyer has been a trusted friend of mine for over 40 years. When he informed me that he was writing a book about many of the events that have been a part of his life, both good and bad, and how those events influenced the path that he sets for himself today, I knew Gary would not only complete this task, but allow those events to educate and inspire others. He has always been this way. It’s simply a part of his genetic makeup.

Gary has always had this inbred determination, combined with an almost child-like enthusiasm for whatever life would throw at him. Always able to find the “sunny side” of life’s foibles, he would not only learn from life’s lessons, he would embrace the experience and share that with others. You will find exactly that in this book. That’s what Gary is. It’s simply his nature.

I, for one, have never known anyone who enjoys the journey of life more than Gary. He treasures the good times, takes count of the blessings derived from them, and thirsts for more. And the bad times? Gary has a knack of taking on those struggles we all face, and somehow comes out the other side a better man. Not all can do that. Then he goes the extra step and shares it with others. Typical Gary.

Gary has more obstacles in front of him, but I never worry about Gary. He identifies the obstacle, utilizes the assets and resources (including family and friends) to tackle it, and somehow keeps a smile on his face and unbridled confidence in coming out on top.           

I am honored to be able to call Gary a friend, and know this publication will touch and inspire you. That’s Gary’s way. All I can say is: Charge on, Mr. B!

GARY WEST, close friend since junior high