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Julie and Gary in front of the Paine's Formal Garden gate on their 29th wedding anniversary
​​Julie and Gary, recognized just prior to their 25th Wedding Anniversary (at the very same location where they were married ...immediately above).
Gary and Julie on their
Wedding Day in 1988.

Gary and his soulmate, Julie

Gary Beyer

"My style has been defined as conversational and I believe you’ll find my manner to be refreshingly candid. People that know me have consistently told me that when they read what I have to say it’s like I’m actually talking to them at the time. This is a cherished compliment. You may not agree with some of my assertions, but they are genuinely expressed."

Gary Beyer was born in the summer of 1953 in Neenah, Wisconsin. He is the youngest of three children. His father was a foundryman for just over fifty years and was forty seven when Gary was born. His mother was a long-time housewife and family caregiver. She was forty one at the time. He was definitely a surprise, but quickly became a blessing too. 

His brother Doug was nearly twenty four years older than Gary. He and his wife Shirley had gotten married in 1951. Gary never met his sister Charmaine in that she passed away after living only two and a half months back in 1932. Doug and Gary’s father were in the midst of a major, five-year plus project when he was born. They each worked full-time at a foundry and part-time on the ‘from the ground-up’ construction of his parents’ home. Doug and Shirley didn’t have any children of their own, so Gary got more than his share of attention growing up.


He received his BBA in Accounting in May of 1975 from the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh. In 1980, he completed his MBA from there. Gary’s worked for close to thirty years in various, diverse industries. He filled progressive management roles that were predominantly defined by the world of manufacturing accounting. He was encouraged along these lines by his brother who knew that Gary always did well in math and has a genuine love for people. This combination was found to be beneficial in the corporate world for quite some time. He was never destined for public accounting. In the fall of 1989, he taught an evening managerial accounting class at his alma mater. The battle scars from the corporate world remain, but his appreciation for life has continued to advance.


In 1988, he got married to his soulmate, Julie. They celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary in October of 2013. Julie has since retired, after teaching high school English for 35 years. They do not have any children, but are blessed with their beloved little dog, Kaylea Grace. Gary has never fit the mold of the typical accountant and Julie did not match the stereotype of the traditional English teacher. Together, they’ve meshed well and have formed a strong, mutually-respectful partnership. She remains his greatest inspiration.

His favorite sport is baseball and he’s a big fan of the Milwaukee Brewers. He loves music, especially classic rock. Gary’s favorites are Neil Young, the Eagles and Joe Walsh, the Beatles, Led Zeppelin and The Who. He played the drums for many years.

Gary’s become more and more spiritual over the years. His numerous experiences have both supported and encouraged this path. He could never be described as an indifferent follower. In the spring of 2003, he changed career paths at the age of forty nine. With Julie’s backing, they started their own home-based business. For over seven years, it was both invigorating and wonderfully refreshing. His genuine passion consistently came through to fellow business associates and customers. Gary is an extrovert who is an engaging and natural leader. 

In January of 2008, Gary was formally diagnosed with a rare and currently incurable form of muscle disease called Inclusion Body Myositis (IBM). He’s never been one to stick his head in the sand or to not face attention-warranting issues head on. His glass has been half-full since he was a child. Hope is a consistently integral part of Gary’s life. He steadfastly refuses to minimize the grace and power of God. His style is conversational, his manner is refreshingly candid and his demeanor is upbeat.