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Gary Beyer is a talented author and also is a man of amazing character and strength, a person who has braved the intense perils and implications of a condition called Inclusion Body Myositis(IBM).  This is a rare, inflammatory muscle disease that has both degenerative and auto-immune characteristics. It is progressively debilitating. It somewhat mimics the lack of functionality associated with ALS (which is a nervous system disease).  Things we all take for granted, like climbing stairs, getting out of chairs and toilet seats, and swallowing, have become more difficult for my friend Gary.   His positivity and enthusiasm are contagious.  He is also very fortunate to have his wife and compassionate caregiver Julie at his side.  Along with Julie, he has given inspirational talks to close to 200 venues in Wisconsin.  He motivates, inspires and keeps people hoping. This is truly a gift.  I wrote this testimonial for Gary for his latest book, called “When The Time is Right”. “I've known Gary Beyer for several years. I consider him a great friend. He is very articulate and shows much compassion towards others. I very much enjoyed interviewing him on my ‘News and Notes’ podcast in 2015. Gary's story is truly one of courage, love and relentless persistence.  His books are a profound inspiration not just for those living with Inclusion Body Myositis, but for all of us who pursue life's love and meaning.”  Gary’s other books are “You Must Answer This” and “I Promise I’ll Pay Attention”.  

    This book is dedicated to my great friends who have been amazing supports for my creative endeavors and to the concept of friendship itself. I feel that friendship is one of the most important ideas in the world and that good friendships may play a part in making for a better world.

The above quotes are from the Dedication section of author Jeffrey McAndrew’s impending novel entitled “Numinous”.