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The days all seem different to me now
They have for quite some time
They often bring with them changes
Which seem aimed directly at my mind

Many times the changes are subtle,
While at other times they are just simply strange
Their impact can become quite dramatic
With less-refined intentions that yet seem prearranged

When I take the time to think about it
My perspectives have been substantially altered
As I acknowledge I’m fighting a formidable daily battle
Through which I’ve noticeably weakened and also faltered

I’ve found this disease to be progressively relentless
And it’s always there to be faced
There is no disputing, running or hiding
But I’m doing my best to keep in this most treasured race

I’m determined to not let its challenges overwhelm me
As I attempt to effectively deal with its various curves
The associated obstacles are steadily increasing
Causing the ongoing taxing of my nerves

What once seemed to be less relevant
Now seems to linger on and even disturbingly foretell
But, I still live each day with encouragement and hope
As my faith and beliefs will not be dispelled

Despite the days seeming different to me now
An important fact definitely still remains
I approach each one of them with refined vigor
While doing my best to cope with any consequential strains

I live in affirmed reality
But, I temper it with grit
A veil of gloom and disparity
Just can’t be allowed to fit

                                                                 --- a poem written by Gary Beyer

                                                                                         November 14, 2015